IGL Ceramic Coatings,

why igl ceramic coatingsCoatings specially developed for automotive manufacturers and professional detailers. IGL Automotive is the go-to coating for every vehicle. It's 100% silica content and eco friendly formula preserves and protects your automotive's exterior and interior while reducing the cost of maintenance. It is best suited for automotive and is applicable to cars, bikes, bicycles & more.

ceramic coating 1
* Easy to clean
* Car looks brand new
* Protects your car's OEM paint

ceramic coating 2
* Up to 10H hardness
* 100% protection warranty*
* Creates a very deep, glossy almost crystal-like finish

ceramic coating 3
* Saves time & money
* Improves resale value
* Eliminates need for wax

ceramic coating 4
* Harmless & non-hazardous
* Low volatile organic compound (VOC)
* Better resistance to environmental damage

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